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Assessment features that help you for suitable position with confidence.

Understand how you solve problems, learn, and process information. Pre-employment assessment shows you how quickly yourself can get up to speed and if you have the talent to succeed. Following an assessment, you receive a report that provides clear, actionable guidelines to help you make a great job application decision.

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  • Front-End Java Developer

    • Full Time
    • Posted 2 months ago
  • Digital Sales Manager

    • Full Time
    • Posted 3 months ago
  • Technical Manager

    • Full Time
    • Posted 3 months ago
  • Marketing Manager

    • Full Time
    • Posted 5 months ago
  • Assistant Manager, Regulatory Reporting Unit – Finance

    • Full Time
    • Posted 9 months ago
  • Human Resource Supervisor

    • Full Time
    • Posted 10 months ago
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Featured Jobs

Assistant Manager, Regulatory Reporting Unit – Finance at Pronote

Pakistan Full Time

About Our Client: It’s requires candidates to fill the position of “Assistant Manager, Regulatory Reporting Unit – Finance” based at

Technical Manager at Pronote

Qatar Full Time

About Our Client: For more than 170 years, Our client has stood for innovative strength, a passion for technology, sustainability,

Digital Sales Manager at Pronote

About Our Client: Our client operates across the GCC and MENA region with a diverse portfolio of media solutions consisting

Career Counseling

In addition to our executive search capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to help identify and attract professionals at the middle to upper levels of management, in both single-search and multiple managed search projects.

We interview and evaluate you by pre-hire assessments measure personality traits, cognitive abilities, and skills.

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Kind Words From Happy Candidates

What other people thought about the service provided by Pronote

My name is Mariam from Egypt. I work and live in Egypt for over 3 years. I applied the job list of Pronote on LinkedIn. They also helped me about my resume process to optimize. Best Regards.

I found great solution with Pronote Team. I applied their job advertisement on LinkedIn. They’ve directed me to the best position according to my skills.

I’m Grace from Italia. I reached Pronote by LinkedIn. I need motivation letter for my applications to the international companies. I met the Pronote’s Team. They are so kind and helpful for my background. Thank you Olivia for your help.

Pronote offered me professional CV and Motivation Letter. I applied my resume with it. Thank you Amy for your help about this process. I definitely recommend exclusive consultancy.

I was looking for the best job position for my skills. I’ve just graduated from college. I applied the intership position of Pronote on LinkedIn. Then quickly had an interview with their client company. My currenct company offered me full time position with them.

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